Welcome to the USA Hemp Museum

Welcome to the USA Hemp Museum where you’ll find life saving information about hemp.  Hemp can help us save ourselves from being legislated to death with laws that make nature illegal and wonders why we have problems.  Please tell our elected and appointed officials to end hemp prohibition now.  To learn more visit the rooms, blogs, the store, links and contact information that are on the left.

Hemp has been studied and used successfully for thousands of years.  Medical hemp can help us solve our health care crisis by providing low cost effective medicine that nourishes and reduces stress. Growing hemp pulls the excess CO2 from the atmosphere, addressing global warming.  Since hemp was deemed a billion dollar crop in 1938 by Popular Science Magazine and is still America’s #1 cash crop, legalizing would give the economy a much need stimulation.  Non toxic hemp paper can reduce water pollution.  Economical hemp biofuel and biomass can do anything toxic energy can do, except pollute.  Strong hemp building materials can bring housing costs down with this non toxic material.  The list is long of ways hemp can make a positive difference in our world.

Here at the USA Hemp Museum you can find the history, present, and potential of the most famous and infamous plant in the world, Cannabis sativa or (in English) hemp, marijuana, or many other names for this most amazing plant.  Over the decades of collecting hemp artifacts, articles, products, books, magazines, growers skills, art, activist notes, etc., the museum is rapidly filling volumes of books on hemp based on this site.

Since this is information not taught in traditional schools yet, please be a hemp hero and work with others to spread the word and implement the information.  Enjoy.  Bookmark the museum.  Tell your friends and relatives.