Richard Davis

Photo of Richard DavisThe following message was written by the Museum’s founder, who passed away on Jan. 10, 2014:

I am Richard M. Davis, the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum. Welcome to my corner of the museum. I have prepared a number of videos and written and published a series of books on hemp. The first three are available on

I live surrounded by hemp. It’s one of my passions since the 1960s. As a farmer, patient, activist and author, I’ve been called on as an expert on the subject by the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Hemp For Victory, Time4Hemp and other broadcast and cable shows. Over the decades I’ve collected thousands of hemp art, artifacts, books and other museum quality exhibits.

I learned about hemp smoke first and was refused the request to study the effects of pot at the School of Public Health at U.C.L.A., in 1972, where I was working on a doctorate in Public Health. I studied zoology (B.S.) and biology (M.A.), and loved the great outdoors. After a dozen years in the mountains on a small farm, I ran for Congress in a democratic primary as an admitted pot grower. Several years later when the U.S. Army invaded that area in operation Greensweep, I found out about hemp from Jack Herer’s book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, and started the Hemp Museum, with help of course.

I was born in Arizona, graduated high school in Willcox, Arizona, joined the Air Force from Arizona, and was arrested for the first time in Arizona at the age of fifty-five…


Mobile MuseumMendocino Mobile Marijuana Museum, seen parked at the California Capitol Building, Sacramento, on lobbying day. The first museum was in a Honda wagon, and the plant on top seemed as big as the whole car!
We were first the Mendocino Mobile Marijuana Museum, a knock at the government that wants to call hemp the marijuana word in law, when it does not apply. With two card tables and one hemp shirt, we passed out literature to hundreds of Capitol employees and elected officials on the benefits of legal hemp and hemp medicines.


Mobile TruckNotice the medical hemp plant on top of the camper. The truck brought an added dimension of high visibility and lots of bumper sticker space.

I want to save the truck story for later and go to the development of the virtual hemp museum you are now watching. When the virtual museum started, much of the site had to do with my trial in Arizona as that was what was happening at the time. James Dawson of Florida was our dedicated webmaster, who teamed with Brenda Kershenbaum here in Los Angeles to do the initial web work. Later the gallery came into being with some 60 pictures, taken by photographer Bill Bridges, with the assistance of Tim Perkins. The plan was to reconstruct the museum into various rooms where the focus will be on some aspect of the hemp plant or the consequences of prohibition. This is simply the first wave of hemp museum items I will show you. For example, I have 30 hemp /marijuana tee-shirts, and lots of other goodies. Here’s a webeo from live-on-camera at YouTube which includes the museum exhibit at the 2008 10th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, produced by the late Sister Somayah Kambui of Crescent Alliance Self Help For Sickle Cell.
Curator’s note: After Richard Davis passed, away, the website was updated into its current format.
Learn the story of the Mini USA Hemp Museum

Richard Davis’ Mini USA Hemp Museum display

Richard Davis’ Mini USA Hemp Museum display.