Hemp For Victory: The Wonder Herb

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Hemp For Victory: The Wonder Herb by the late Richard M. Davis, Founder & Curator, USA Hemp Museum is the second in Davis’ Hemp for Victory series. This work answers the call for a one stop book on the many studies, patient testimonies, doctors findings, independent researchers and publishers have found on the issue.

Among the many exhibits in the book that make the case that hemp helps heal are:

  • Harvard’s Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s testimony before the Crime Subcommittee of Judiciary Committee to the US House of Representatives in 1997 on medical hemp (page 60) and Dr. Grinspoon’s paper Marijuana As Wonder Drug (page 17).
  • Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya, MD’s list of hemp’s documented 250 medical uses (page 53).
  • Physicians Desk Reference For Herbal Medicine Cannabis Sativa (page 238) on hemp as medicine and what they know it’s good for.
  • Hemp patient, author and publisher Peter McWilliams “Medical Marijuana & Me.” (page 82) and Why Was Peter McWilliams Murdered? By Paul Krassner (page 87).
  • J. Nayer Hardin’s research regarding hemp as a medical tool for World Trade Center Illness (page 94)
  • Many books for further research on medical hemp’s effectiveness. (page 218)

Hemp For Victory: The Wonder Herb is a fascinating tour of the USA Hemp Museum’s medical room by author, hempologist, founder & curator  the late Richard M. Davis. Davis held a Masters Degree in Biology from California State University at Los Angeles and attended the School of Public Health at UCLA for four years under a US Public Health Service Fellowship. He dedicated his last 40 plus years to hemp as his pursuit of happiness and freedom.

He was compelled. And for good reason.

What would you do if the medicine that could save your life was illegal? Would you grow it and/or use it anyway? Would you work to change the law? Davis chose the noble path and dedicated his adult life to ending hemp prohibition.

This book gives hemp activists an opportunity to study up for their speeches at the Global Marijuana March, Hemp For Victory: The Wonder Herb is available for a limited time as a free ebook at the museum’s site. The result of decades of research by the USA Hemp Museum’s founder and curator Richard M. Davis, this work makes a comprehensive and compelling case that proves hemp’s effectiveness as medicine and a great source of delicious nutrition. The book is the answer to the call for more research on medical hemp. Medical marijuana has been proven effective as medicine as it’s been in use for more than 5,000 years. This book offers some of the many chapters and verses on the subject.